What do you use when you are looking for a word? A dictionary, logically,…

But, when you need help for translation? Do you have a bilingual friend? Do you use an online traslation service?

Here is a really good online language dictionary. You can just look for a word,  you can look forward in the forums and you can register and ask yourself!


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2 Responses to Dictionary

  1. I also think it’s the best dictionary you can find on the internet. When I started studying English, a friend (she is philologist) recommended me wordreference.com and helped me a lot.

  2. Wordreference is the best online dictionary I’ve ever seen. Listening to the words in AmE and UK intonation is amazing as well. If you own an android device, there is an app in the market called “wordreference” that allows you to search for words within the device. It’s faster than searching in the web browser.

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