Talkgroup » Thumbelina

Talkgroup » Thumbelina–> In VOXOPOP there is a talk group created to work on Thumbelina’s tale, by Hans Christian Andersen.


Listen and read the tale in BBC School radio (

Answer to the  following question, recording your intervention in VOXOPOP talk group.

– Summarize Thumelina’s Tale plot.

– Give an idea about Thumbelina as main character.

– Describe another character who takes part in the tale.

– Imagine a new action which could change the tale.

You can add as much interventions  as you want! At least, one per discussion. But try to listen to your mates’s interventions, in order to don’t repeat topic or ideas.

Enjoy it!

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Why of this title?

Quiver of ICT arrows is my blog’s name.

It’s because I love archery and it’s one of my hidden passion…





Not really 🙂

During my studies and after hours surfing on internet, I have found several resources to use at ESL classroom. To choose one or another in each learning situation could seem easy, but I think it isn’t.  It might be the resource which hits the nail on the head, but it’s necessary to know the aim of the tool.

This is why I have organize this blog according to some categories:

  • Tools and resources to enhance reading skills
  • Tools and resources to enhance listening and speaking skills
  • Tools to enhance writing skills
  • Other resources and tool

Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep”  Le Corbusier (1887-1965)

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Practice with films






This tool is good to make your own short films in English. You can choose the background, the sky, the main characters (be careful, some of them are inappropiate for children, from my point of view. Check yourself!), the conversation, the kind of meetning,…

Here, an example!

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Improve your reading with phonics

This webpage has lots of resources to teach how read well in English. It follows PHONICS to teach children.










Starting with vocals: A; E; I; O, U,…

Following with Consontants…

Plays, Tales, Books, Songs, …

Sing language too!

Have a look and enjoy the variety of resources it has!

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Make your own story

This webpage allows you to create your story with few easy steps.









It is so easy you can let the kids leave their imagination flies from first step!

Here it is an example of scary story… Don’t keep reading if you want to sleep well tonight… 🙂

Scary Story I've created in few easy steps

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Creating your speaking avatar

Here I bring VOKI, a resource to improve listening and speaking skills.

With VOKI your students and you could create your avatar, and include them in your English as a Second Language classes.

This is my avatar. Look and listen for more information.

Hello, I’m Cris. I’m trying to enhance my listening skills with Voki.
This free tool permits to listen good pronunciation and intonationand helps to develop listening skills by creating an avatar.
It is funny and it motivates students to participate.
Also includes ICT management in your lessons.
Get your voki and enjoy it!!

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What do you use when you are looking for a word? A dictionary, logically,…

But, when you need help for translation? Do you have a bilingual friend? Do you use an online traslation service?

Here is a really good online language dictionary. You can just look for a word,  you can look forward in the forums and you can register and ask yourself!

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